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habille bebe

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C'est à toi de prendre le rôle de maman dans ce jeu. Tu devras habiller se bébé correctement comme une vraie maman l'aurait fait. Sélectionne des tenues dans la garde robe de bébé. Sers toi de ta souris pour jouer. Amuse toi bien!

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22 réponses à “habille bebe”

  1. c’est de la merde ce jeu

    • Keli dit :

      Becky, this is wonderfully written and very true. I grew up with numerous siblings. We were all raised by the same parents, with the same expectations placed on us. Several of my siblings have chosen to turn away from the religious views of their parents. One used drugs for a while. I don’t think any parent can be smug and think ࠢI’m good; therefore, my children will always do the right thing.” Even though my children are in their 20s and seem to have their act together, every morning I pray for God to give them the wisdom to continue to do what is right.

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  2. Cinderella dit :

    Dette så skikkelig profft ut!Og jammen fre!tendesDitte skal jeg jammen prøve!Skal lage det til helgen!Tusen takk skal du ha!Goe klem fra Sol

  3. This was awesome and I loved reading it all! Sounds like she is going to have a great year as long as the big kids allow her to be independent, mom doesn't show up every day and she stays out of that supply room!! Too bad you didn't get her recap on video…she would have gotten a kick out of that in the future.

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  5. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

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